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Everything we hold will pass away [entries|friends|calendar]

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[ mood | happy ]

well this month has bin going pretty dam good im in a good happy mood everyday :) got 2 c an old frend saturday that was awesome just a really good month so far cant wait 2 c wat april brings cant wait 4 the 20th

5 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | depressed ]

1. What is your full name? Jonathan Dominick John Rizzi

2. What color pants are you wearing? blue

3. What are you listening to right now? Cradle of Filth-Nemesis

4. What was the last thing you ate? 9 slices of Dominos

5. Do you wish on stars? i dont c a point in it

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? grey cause its probably the least used 1

7. How is the weather right now? i dunno i havnt botherd 2 look outside yet

8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? my mom last nite

9. Do you like the person who sent this to you? of course Jen is fucking awesome!

10. How old are you today? 16

11. Favorite drink? Dr. Pepper

12. Favorite sport? baseball

13. Hair color? brown

15. Siblings? yes 2 brothers n 2 sisters

17. Favorite food? Taco Bell n Dominos

18. What was the last movie you watched? hm i dont really no

19. Favorite day of the year? February 5th

21. What was your favorite toy as a child? i dunno my X-Men toys i gess

22. Summer or winter? Summer

23. Hugs or kisses? kisses

24. Chocolate or Vanilla? vanilla

25. Do you want your friends to email you back? thatd b nice

26. Who is most likely to respond? i dunno whoever

27. Who is least likely to respond? quite a few ppl

28. Living arrangements? with my parents

29. When was the last time you cried? i dunno i felt like i wanted 2 last nite but didnt i dunno the last time i did

30. What is under your bed? fuck if i no stuff

31. Who is the friend you have had the longest? dennis

32. What did you do last night? hung out at joshs got dominos lol

33. Favorite smell? AXE Phoenix n Essence

34. What inspires you? i dont no

35. What are you afraid of? spiders

36. Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? normal buttered popcorn

37. Favorite car? Viper GTS-R

38. Favorite Flower? rose of sharyn

39. Number of keys on your key ring? 2

40. How many years at your current job? unemployed

41. Favorite day of the week? saturday

42. What did you do on your last birthday? jack shit

43. How many states have you lived in? 1

44. Have many cities have you lived in? 1

1 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | content ]

// series one - you
-- Name: Jon
-- Birth date: 2-5-89
-- Birthplace: south nassau
-- Current Location: east rockaway
-- Eye Color: blueish greyish
-- Hair Color: brown
-- Righty or Lefty: righty
-- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

// series two - describe
-- Your heritage: half italian 35% irish n the rest is german n dutch
-- The shoes you wore today: DCs
-- Your hair: down i lost my hat:'(
-- Your eyes: blueish greyish i really like my eyes
-- Your weakness: i dunno
-- Your fears: spiders
-- Your perfect pizza: domino's 555 deal having that shit 2morrow maaan lol
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: bcome famous

// series three - what is
-- Your most overused phrase on aim: thats cute or word
-- Your thoughts first waking up: i dont wanna wake up
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite(or same) sex: looks considering wen u first meet them u dont no about their personalities
-- Your best physical feature: i dunno wat do u think?
-- Your bedtime: wen i feel like it
-- Your greatest accomplishment: i dunno passing global last quarter
-- Your most missed memory: i dunno

// series four - you prefer
-- Pepsi or coke: dr pepper
-- McDonald's or Burger King: both
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: DCs
-- Lipton or Nestea: nestea
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: neither yuck
-- Boxers or briefs: boxers

// series five - do you
-- Cuss: shit?
-- Sing well: if u want
-- Take a shower everyday: yes
-- Have a crush(es): .....
-- who are they: .....
-- Do you think you've been in love: yea
-- Want to go to college: maybe
-- Like school: eh
-- Want to get married: yea
-- Type w/ your fingers keys: yes
-- Believe in yourself: yup
-- Get motion sickness: no
-- Think you're attractive: im ok i gess
-- Think you're a health freak: no
-- Think you get along with your parents: most of the time
-- Like thunderstorms: no
-- Play an instrument: bass

// series six - in the past month, did/have you
-- Drank alcohol: no
-- Done a drug: no
-- Have Sex: no
-- Made Out: .....
-- Go on a date: no
-- Go to the mall?: no
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: fuck i wish
-- Been on stage: no
-- Been dumped: no
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Been in love: .....
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: no thats stupid i like my hair color
-- Stolen anything: dont remember

// series seven - have you ever
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: no
-- If so, was it mixed company: no
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
-- Been caught "doing something": depends
-- Been called a tease: no
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Shoplifted: no
-- If so, did you get caught: no
-- Changed who you were to fit in: no

// series eight - the future
-- Age you hope to be married: twentys
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 1 boy Archimedes n i dont really want 1 but a gurl n i dunno wat name
-- Descibe your Dream Wedding: dunno
-- How do you want to die: dunno
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: sumthing kool
-- What country would you most like to visit: Netherlands Amsterdam muther fuckers

// series nine - opposite(same) sex
-- Best eye color?: doesnt matter
-- Best hair color?: dont care
-- Short or long hair?: long unless its a nice short
-- Best height: shorter then me
-- Best weight: as long as u dont crush me
-- Best articles of clothing- doesnt matter
-- Best first date location: dunno
-- Best first kiss location: dunno

// series ten - number of
-- Number of girls I have kissed in my life: 8
-- Number of girls you have made out with: 11
-- Number of girlfriends you've had: 8
-- Number of boys I have kissed: none
-- Number of boyfriends you've had: none
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: 1
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: i dunno

-- Number of CDs that I own: i dunno 70?
-- Number of piercings: none but i want my eyebrow done
-- Number of tattoos: none
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: in the skool newspaper 4 my ill poem
-- Number of scars on my body: dunno
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: a few things

[ current clothes ] blue jeans black green lantern shirt
[ current mood ] content
[ current music ] Cradle of Filth
[ current taste ] water
[ current make-up ] nuthing
[ current hair ] down lost my hat:'(
[ current annoyance ] nuthing
[ current smell ] i dunno
[ current thing i ought to be doing ] homework
[ current desktop picture ] Killswitch Engage
[ current favorite group] As I Lay Dying muther fuckers!!!!!!!!
[ current book you're reading] nuthing
[ current cd in cd player] Cradle of Filth n in my walkman As I Lay Dying
[ current movie in vcr] music video tape
[ current color of toenails ] toe nail color?
[ current refreshment ] water
[ current worry ] nuthing

last person.
[ you touched ] Alyssa
[ you talked to ] my Dad
[ you hugged ] Alyssa
[ you instant messaged ] Gelli
[ you yelled at ] dunno
[ you kissed ] Alyssa
[ food ] tacos
[ drink ] dr pepper orange fanta n sprite remix
[ color ] blue red black grey green
[ album ] As I Lay Dying-Frail Words Collapse
[ shoes ] DCs
[ candy ] Butterfinger
[ animal ] dogs
[ tv show ] Uranium n Head Bangers Ball
[ movies ] dont care
[ dance ] fuck that?
[ song ] As I Lay Dying-Collision Cradle of Filth-Nemisis Machine Head-A Thousand Lies and Davidian
[ vegetable ] dont care all r good
[ fruit ] all r good
[ cartoon ] X-Men Justice League n Spider-Man

are you.
[ understanding ] most of the time
[ open-minded ] yea
[ arrogant ] no
[ insecure ] no
[ interesting ] if u want
[ random ] yea lol
[ hungry] all of the time
[ friendly ] 2 most ppl
[ smart ] no
[ moody ] sumtimes
[ childish ] sumtimes
[ independent ] yea
[ hard working ] depends
[ organized ] eh
[ healthy ] yea
[ emotionally stable ] yes
[ shy ] 2 new ppl
[ difficult ] dunno
[ attractive ] im ok
[ bored easily ] no
[ messy ] depends
[ thirsty ] no
[ responsible ] sure
[ obsessed ] no
[ angry ] no
[ sad ] no
[ happy ] yea
[ hyper ] never really but 4 sum reason i usually am wen im around Maggie n Gelli if u guys havnt noticed
[ trusting ] yea
[ talkative ] sure
[ legal ] no im 16

who do you want to.
[ kill ] no1
[ slap ] no1
[ get really wasted with ] plenty of ppl
[ get high with ] a few ppl
[ tickle ] Alyssa lolol
[ kiss] .....
[ look like ] myself
[ talk to offline ] any1
[ talk to online ] any1
[ talk to ] any1

When I wake from this dream

bored fill this out [2/27/05|1:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

1. What is my name?
2. Where am i located?(town)
3. How old am i?
4. What is the best word to describe me as?
5. Who are you?(friend, mutual friend, enemy, ect.)
6. From one to ten how would you rate my personality?
7. What is my favorite hobby?
8. List the intersts that we have in common.
9. What is my favorite band?
10. After taking this *quiz*, rate how you think you did.

8 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | blah ]

» I committed suicide:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:


» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:

[1] Who are you?
[2] Are we friends?
[3] When and how did we meet?
[4] How have I affected you?
[5] What do you think of me?
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me?
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
[8] Do you love me?
[9] Have I ever hurt you?
[10] Would you hug me?
[11] Would you kiss me?
[12] Would you fuck me?
[13] Are we close?
[14] Emotionally, what stands out?
[15] Do you wish I was cooler?
[16] On a scale of 1-10, how attractive am I?
[17] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
[18] Am I loveable?
[19] How long have you known me?
[20] Describe me in one word.
[21] What was your first impression?
[22] Do you still think that way about me now?
[23] What do you think my weakness is?
[24] Do you think I'll get married (if yes to who)?
[25] What about me makes you happy?
[26] What about me makes you sad?
[27] What reminds you of me?
[28] What's something you would change about me?
[29] How well do you know me?
[30] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
[31] If so tell me now?
[32] Do you think I would kill someone?
[33] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?

7 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | blah ]

blah this sux went 2 roccos catering yesturday 2 apply n got turned down sux i need 2 find a job i dont care where anymor at first i wanted sumwhere close now i dont care i just need a job

2 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

haha doesnt that suck [2/15/05|11:17pm]
[ mood | haha bitches ]

haha well thats funny well all u little bitches in my grade doesnt that suck now u dont hav a bass player 4 rock rivalry cause the dike who said she would do it hasnt even gone 2 1 rehersal? mayb if the "head" of the music section wasnt a fucking dickhead 2 every1 thinking he knows everything then mayb u bitches wouldnt b missing out i had 2 talk 2 that idiot 4 20 mintues just explaining that on a 5 string bass u add a lower string n he says i dont no wat im doing fuck him

When I wake from this dream

[ mood | aggravated ]

blah i fucking hate valentines day nuthing good ever comes out of it i used 2 just hate vday but until like last year i gess i just hated it with a firey passion n i still do its a pointless holiday just makes most ppl depressed over a fucking day its really gay it should b just taken off the calender as a holiday or mayb just a day period there should just b a gap in the calender February 11th 12th 13th...15th fuck this day

1 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | blank ]

im plagued thats the only excuse 4 it

3 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | disappointed ]

y do i bother i new it was pointless 4 me 2 try:/

1 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | content ]

>>1. FULL NAME: Jonathan Dominick Rizzi
>>2. BIRTHDAY: February 5, 1989
>>3. STAR SIGN: aquarius
>>4. AGE: 16
>>5. Height: 6'1
>>6. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? south nassua community hospital
>>7. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? hm losing frends
>>8. DO YOU WEAR GLASSES? i do i usually only where them in skool or wen im doing sumthing involved with the tv but i wore them last nite just 2 wear them n c better lol
>>9. YOUR PERFECT MAN/WOMAN: sum1 who is themself they dont hav 2 b anything like me as long as i feel a connection if i can talk 2 them nonstop thats awesome
>>10. DO YOU GET ALONG WITH YOUR FAMILY? most of the time
>>11. HAVE YOU EVER HATED ANY PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY? not really hated just disliked
>>12. ARE YOU GOING TO COLLEGE? hopefully
>>13. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF 5 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD? no idea hopefully sumthing with music
>>14. WHAT'S YOUR FAVE SAYING? i dunno i say alritey then a lot
>>15. DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED...HAVE KIDS? yea to both someday
>>16. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ABORTION? its alrite 4 like 14 years olds who hav bin raped or sumthing
>>17. WHO'S THE PERSON THAT SENT THIS TO YOU? i stole it from jen who stole it from me from a wile ago
>>19. YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM? dont hav 1 mayb my hat unless i just dont wear it wich is rare
>>20. WORST SONG YOU'VE EVER HEARD? Dillinger Escape Plan-Panasonic Youth
>>21. BEST SONG YOU'VE EVER HEARD? dam uh As I Lay Dying-94 Hours n Forever, Bleeding Through-Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire n Savior, Saint, Salvation, n Damageplan-Pride n Blink Of An Eye
>>22. ARE YOU A GOOD STUDENT? could b better
>>23. ARE YOU A GOOD DRIVER? im ok
>>24. ARE YOU GOOD AT SPORTS? i used 2 b really good at baseball now im kinda rusty but im ok at basketball also cause im tall
>>27. DO YOU LIKE TO SING? no lol
>>28. DO YOU LIKE TO SHOP: yea if i hav $
>>29. DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY: hell yea
>>31. DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING PIERCED? no but soon im getting my eyebrow done with a few ppl
>>33. WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD YOU TAKE FROM YOUR ROOM IF YOU RAN AWAY? i dunno cell fone cds my jacket n thats it i gess
>>34. CAREER? sumthing with music
>>35. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? a lot most used is Jonny Boy every1 calls me that old 1 is Jack Daniels also Ritz Cracker n thats about it


>>37. PUT A BODY PART ON FIRE FOR AMUSEMENT? yea but i didnt do it my frend did a wile ago
>>46. BEEN ON A PLANE? yes
>>48. SWAM IN THE OCEAN? yup
>>53. BEEN ON STAGE? yup
>>54. HAD CHICKEN POX? yea
>>55. HAD STITCHES? no


>>57. VEGETABLE? carrots
>>58. FAST FOOD/RESTAURANT? taco bell
>>59. MEAT? beef
>>60. CANDY? chocolate
>>61. MOVIE? a few Gone In Sixty Seconds n the Punisher r top n Half Baked
>>62. TV SHOW? dont watch tv
>>63. PLACE TO VISIT? dunno
>>64. SPORTS? baseball n basketball
>>65. NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK/POP? dr pepper
>>66. ALCOHOLIC DRINK (IF YOU HAVE ANY)? jack daniels
>>67. NUMBER? 13 41 14 9
>>68. FLOWER? rose of sharyn
>>69. BRAND OF SHOES? dc
>>71. SHAMPOO? head n shoulders
>>72. DAY/NIGHT? night
>>73. SUMMER/WINTER? summer
>>74. LACE/SATIN? dont care
>>75. Cartoon Character? so many any super hero cause im a child like that lol
>>76. FOOD? tacos
>>77. SUBJECT? sports entertainment marketing
>>78. FRUIT/VEGETABLE JUICE? orange juice
>>79. PERSON TO TALK TO? any of my frends


>>80. CRIED? yea
>>81. WORN A SKIRT? yea i did a few days ago dam u missed it lol
>>84. DONE LAUNDRY? yup


>>85.YOURSELF? most of the time
>>86. FRIENDS? yes i love them all
>>87. FAMILY? i guess
>>88. SANTA CLAUSE? no
>>89. TOOTH FAIRY? no
>>90. DESTINY/FATE? yea
>>91. ANGELS? no
>>92. GOD? no
>>93. SATAN/DEMONS? no
>>94. GHOSTS? yea


>>96. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? jeans As I Lay Dying shirt socks glasses
>>99. SHYEST FRIEND? none really
>>100. WEIRDEST FRIEND? hm we r all weird in our own ways
>>101. A FRIEND THAT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IN AWHILE? hm quite a few ppl
>>102. WHEN HAVE YOU CRIED THE MOST? dont wanna talk abou it
>>103. WHAT IS THE WORST FEELING? being alone

1 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | happy ]

dont u usually hate wen ppl say stuff anonymously on yer LJ n say shit u dont like but wen sum1 comments anonymously n says sumthing nice i dunno it makes u feel good about yerself thanx who ever u r

1 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

stolen from sarah [2/2/05|5:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

[01] Reply with your name and I will write something about you
[02] I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.
[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
[04] Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
[05] Put this in your journal!

15 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | exhausted ]

holy shit 2day was fucking amazing me Alyssa Billy n Krista walked 2 the Underground Music cafe in Lynbrook n saw Mistaken Prophecy Fallout n Cleric amazing shows MP was great Fallout was great Cleric was another story but the rest were amazing the pit 4 Fallout-Tim was insane so many ppl Tamer just came over 2 me pulled me outta my seat n we all just started moshing there were atleast 8 or 9 of us it was great i had so much fun 2nite

3 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | awake ]

What Would You Do If...

I cried:

I asked you to help:

I was becoming suicidal:

I killed myself:

I died from natural causes:

I said I liked you:

I kissed you:

I started smoking:

I was hospitalized:

I ran away from home:

I got in a fight and you were there:

Am I?......




A Brat?






Full Of Myself?

What Do You Think About My.....








Would You.......

Be my friend:

Tell me the truth, no matter what:

Lie to make me feel better:

Keep a secret if I told you one:

Hold my hand:

Take a bullet for me:

Love me:

Do me (haha that's not right):

Random Questions....

1. Have I affected youin anyway? if yes,how?

2. What's the fondest memory you have of me?

3. How long do you think we will be friends?

4. Do you love me?

5. Do you have a crush on me?

6. Would you kiss me?

7. Would you hug me?

8. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?

9. Describe me in 5 words:

10. What was your first impression?

11. Do you still think that way about me now?

12. What reminds you of me?

13. If you could give me anything what would it be?

14. State your complete,and honest opinion of me here:

6 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | drunk asfuck ]

2nit was fucking horibble well just 2 tell every1 i dont giv a fucking shit anymor im quitting smoking cause theres no point in it 4 me anymor its no fun or anything im not drinking cause that alwayz just causes problems n if u hav a problem with that (that inclues the ppl that had a probolem over the summer) u can all go fuck yerslvs i dont care if u hate me caue if u cwould get pissed about hat then u nevef cared so if u hav a problem with me not doing this make it known so i cant tell u 2 yer face go fuckyersefl caue i dont fucking care abuot anyting nuthing goes rite no matter wat i do i cant ficx anyting so im ujsut rally bissed n i fucking hat any1 who has a problem iwth me not going this caue u no i dotn care wat u say n i dotn care wat u thaink but i fucking love alyssa i dotn care if u think i dotn no wat love is or htat myab i was just gettin us ed 2 her no ud otn no wat the fuck i feel im me yer not so keep yer fukcing opinions 2 yerself u dont no wat i feel so im gunndo w/e the fukc i want n all u ppl fromt he sumemr who gave me shit about quitng u no who u r n i nor who ur if u still hav a problem well fuck u i dont care how this entry efects ppls opinoisn on me or feeligns towrards me so yer just gunan hav 2 deal with it well im fucking done im gunna go pass out now

5 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | bored ]

1. Give me your number?
2. Have sex with me?
3. Let me kiss you?
4. Watch a movie with me?
5. Let me take you out to dinner?
6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere?
7. Take a shower with me?
8. Be my girlfriend?
9. Have a fling with me?
10. Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
11. Buy me a drink if I didn’t have money?
12. Take me home for the night?
13. Would you let me sleep in your bed?
14. Sing car karaoke w/ me?
15. Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
17. Come pick me up at 3 am because I'm lost in the middle of nowhere?
18. Do you think I’m pretty, beautiful, or hot?
19. Do you like my style?
20. Do you think I’m funny?
21. Do you care about me?
22. Would you cry if I died?
23. Would you stop me if I tried to commit suicide?
24. Would you dance with me?
25. Would you sing happy birthday to me?

Like me?
Want me?
Love me?
Need me?


Liked Me:
Loved Me:
Needed Me:
Wished I was with you:
Seen Me Cry:
Seen me Fight:
Pissed me off:

Made you mad:
Made you cry:
Hurt You emotionally:
Hurt you physically:
Taken you for granted:

A Bitch:
A Slut:
A Good Fighter:
A Loser:

2 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | blah ]

yea im bored i havnt gotten many comments latly but i dont ever really ugh well 2day was boring i was completly out of it in skool i cant explain it i wasnt tired just out of it lol yea this fucking sux i dont think im good enuff 2 b in this band cause i fucking suck at playing bass w/e going back 2 staring at my ceiling doing nuthing now

7 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

[ mood | happy ]

well 2day was fucking amazing me Tamer n Owen went 2 the Fallout show in Lynbrook we rode their with Nick the vocalist he had sum trippy music on that was kool Fallout played an awesome show so we stayed a little after n just talked with Dom n Dre that was fun we came back met up with Jen Ryan n James went 2 Ryans that was a mad fun time n then i came hom later on awesome awesome day

When I wake from this dream

[ mood | calm ]

well this was an interesting day very up in down in terms of shittyness rite now im in a pretty good mood just bin talking 2 ppl online listening 2 music not worrying about stupid bullshit so yea good shit

2 Will still be here When I wake from this dream

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